About Skustack

Skustack brings order to your inventory and gives you full visibility and control of your warehouse. With Skustack, you have more time to focus on what’s important - growing your business.

About us

Skustack is Sellercloud’s native warehouse management system that lets you handle all your warehouse operations in one place.

Skustack’s mobile app can be used on any Android device. It is connected in real-time to Sellercloud and can be tailored to your specific workflows.

Skustack allows you to receive new inventory into stock and immediately make it available for sale. You can oversee the picklist progress, monitor employee productivity in real-time, and more.

With Skustack, you can perform cycle counts in the warehouse without disrupting your ongoing operations. Hundreds of businesses use Skustack to keep accurate track of their inventory levels, product locations, and inventory movements.

Our mission

We created Skustack to replace the time-consuming manual tasks in your warehouse with automated workflows that reduce errors, speed up processes, and save valuable time.

Our story

Skustack was developed by the Sellercloud team to address our clients’ need for a customizable and fully integrated Warehouse Management System.

We wanted to build one system that can handle inventory management, picking, and shipping. That’s why we created Skustack – our very own patented technology. 

With Skustack, you can manage everything from receiving inventory from vendors to shipping orders to customers. By saving you time and resources, Skustack helps you efficiently grow your business.

Skustack Lens

Skustack’s Warehouse visualization tool provides a clear window into your warehouse workflows and activity. You can easily track inventory movement, employee performance and warehouse activity in real-time even from the comfort of your back office. Skustack Lens helps you stay on top of things whether you're on-site or on the go.

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Our clients

See how our clients transformed their warehouse operations with Skustack.

“All of our warehouse management is done through Skustack. When it comes to putaways, picks, packs, Skustack does a great job in just routing in the most efficient way, and we’re able to separate the picklist based on different criteria.”

Nechemia NewmanCEO, AMN Distribution

“Skustack is the warehouse workflow that helps with the efficiency and accuracy of your inventory. When the orders come in, they get automatically assigned to a pick list. They all get picked into a picking bin through Skustack, and all that’s picked is routed properly through the warehouse.”

Chanoch SussmanCOO, AVX Returns

“We’re not really working in the warehouse as much as we were before Skustack came into our business. It helped us be more efficient, save money and get things out much quicker. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to optimize their business.”

Ezra AvidanFounder, ADIR Group

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