• Manage Companies

    Overview In the Skustack Admin, companies represent business entities that interact with the platform. Typically, each company corresponds to a unique business entity. The distinct separation is essential for efficient inventory management, order organization, accounting, third-party logistics, and scalability.  Manage a Company Information about your companies and their details can…

  • SKU/UPC/Alias Reconciliation

    The SKU/UPC/Alias Reconciliation report compares and matches the SKUs, UPCs, and Aliases associated with each product within the Skustack Admin. The purpose of this report is to identify and resolve any discrepancies or inconsistencies in these identifiers.

  • Inventory Arrivals

    The Inventory Arrivals report provides a comprehensive summary of the arrival of items into your warehouses. It includes details such as the SKU, product name, quantity received, date of arrival, vendor information, and more. This report helps you track and manage your inventory by keeping a record of when new stock arrives and is available for distribution.

  • Client Settings Overview

    In this article, you will learn about Client Settings within the Skustack Admin portal. Users with the Client Admin role can control account-wide client settings, enable or disable features, and change how they work.

  • Manage Warehouses

    Create multiple warehouses within the Skustack Admin and configure them according to their intended use. Mark your warehouse as Sellable to make the inventory available for sale, or as Unsellable to exclude those quantities from the product’s available inventory.

  • Theme: Dark and Light Modes

    Shape the visual and aesthetic experience of your Skustack Admin interface. The Dark Mode feature lets you switch the standard color theme to a darker one to help reduce eye strain and give the interface a sleek, modern look.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

    In this article, you will learn about Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) as it relates to the Skustack Admin portal. 2FA enhances your account’s security and protects it against unauthorized access by requiring you to provide a second form of authentication in addition to your password when logging in.

  • Create New Orders

    Order creation refers to the process of generating new orders for items within your warehouses and involves recording the necessary information related to the order. The Skustack Admin portal provides you with a streamlined process for inputting customer information.

  • Import Product Info

    When moving inventory between different warehouse locations, merging stock, or consolidating inventory from different sources, you may need to transfer inventory or import new inventory counts. The Import Product Info feature within the Skustack Admin allows you to seamlessly import this information in bulk, instead of entering each transfer or count individually.

  • Manage Orders

    The Skustack Admin portal offers a robust order management system, providing you with the ability to create and manage orders for your customers, either individually or in bulk. Conveniently add payments and tracking information, change order statuses, and perform various order-related tasks.