• Grading Work Orders

    App Admin Overview Implementing a grading system in Skustack allows you to effectively organize your inventory by item state. You can establish a categorization framework for your products according to their condition and use Work Orders of type Grading to sort them. If needed, you can also initiate potential Repairs…

  • Receive To Light

    Overview The Skublox Integration with Skustack gives you the ability to organize your warehouse processes with a variety of sorting methods, such as the Receive To Light method. Receive To Light combines the Cross-Dock and Pick-To-Light workflows – it allows you to receive items from a vendor and immediately sort…

  • Product Dimensions

    App Admin Overview Accurate records of an item’s weight and dimensions are fundamental for its proper warehouse management and shipping processes. With the Skustack app you can easily add and edit your product’s general, shipping, and case information. This article is focused on how to set the different types of…

  • Pallets

    App Admin Overview Pallets are typically used as a base for assembling, storing, and transporting goods within a warehouse or during shipment, allowing you to stack and handle them as a single unit load. Skustack’s Pallet feature streamlines your operations and improves overall efficiency, allowing you manage items by the…

  • Skustack Lens: Overview

    Skustack Lens is a specialized visualization tool designed to provide real-time monitoring of your warehouse activities. With Lens, you can seamlessly track and analyze various inventory movements and warehouse processes. Whether you are onsite or on the go, Skustack Lens seamlessly connects you to your warehouse operations with its dynamic features.

  • Skustack Lens: Movements

    Skustack’s Movements feature gives you access to chronological data of all of your warehouse operations. The available filters provide you with options to search for your inventory movements by type, warehouse, SKU, employee, picklist #, and bin name.

  • Pickup Management Workflow

    Pickup management refers to the process of organizing, coordinating, and overseeing the pickup of items or goods from your warehouse location. It involves managing the tasks related to pickups, and ensuring that all packages are handed over to their designated carrier. Using a container is one of the most common methods to track pickups in logistics and supply chain operations.

  • Language Settings

    Easily switch between English and Spanish depending on your native language. Navigate to Settings > Language > Select your preferred language.

  • Unit of Measure Settings

    Easily switch between the Imperial and Metric units of measurement in Skustack to use the mode you are most familiar with.

  • Restock Bins

    The Restock Bins module is located within Skustack’s Bin tab and allows you to easily search for existing Restock Lists or create new ones, monitor their progress, and more. If there isn’t enough inventory in your primary bins, you can create a Restock List to replenish your primary areas with quantity from non-primary bins.