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When moving inventory between different warehouse locations, merging stock, or consolidating inventory from different sources, you may need to transfer inventory or import new inventory counts.  The Import Product Info feature within the Skustack Admin allows you to seamlessly import this information in bulk, instead of entering each transfer or count individually. This ensures efficient and accurate inventory tracking.

All Product Info import options are currently limited to warehouses that are not bin-enabled. To learn more about adjusting inventory in bin-enabled warehouses, refer to this aticle.

Import Product Info

To import product information:

  1. Navigate to the Skustack Admin portal at (replace “xx” with your server ID or team name).
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. On the left, select Products > Tools > Import Product Info.
  4. Choose your import type in the Import Data panel:
    1. Import Inventory Adjustments
    2. Import Physical Inventory
    3. Import Warehouse Inventory Transfer
    4. Import Warehouse Inventory Transfer Receiving
  5. Click the Download icon to download a template in an ExcelCSV, or TXT format.
  6. Fill out the template and Import it back when you are ready to apply the changes.

Import Physical Inventory

The Import Physical Inventory tool lets you set the current Physical Inventory count for multiple products simultaneously using a file import. To import physical inventory data, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Products > Tools > Import Product Info.
  2. Select Import Physical Inventory.
  3. To download a sample template, select your preferred file format and click the Download icon.
  4. Fill out the template and return to the Import Physical Inventory panel.
  5. Click the File field and select the appropriate file from your computer.
  6. In the Update Type field, specify whether you want to perform a Partial (Recommended)  or Full Inventory Count. Refer to the table below for a definition of each type.
  7. Select the warehouse you are performing the update for and the inventory date.
  8. Click Import.




(Strongly Recommended)  

A partial inventory import will only update the SKUs and respective warehouse(s) entered in the file. We recommend performing a partial inventory import because it is the safest option. Unlike a full import, partial imports will not affect SKUs missing from the file, eliminating any possibility of error.


Similar to a partial update, full imports will update the SKUs and respective warehouse(s) entered in the file with the specified values. Any SKU that is missing from the file will have its inventory zeroed out. This is why we recommend using a partial upload unless you want to zero out the products outside of your import file.

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