Import Warehouse Bin Info


Importing warehouse bin information enables you to adjust bin quantities for multiple SKUs simultaneously. Rather than manually updating each SKU, you can make the necessary adjustments in a spreadsheet and easily import the file into the Skustack Admin portal to apply the changes.

Import Warehouse Bin Info

Adjustment Types

Initial Product Bin Adjustment

This adjustment type should only be used the first time you import bin quantities. This is because the import process will set the quantity of any SKU that is not included in the file to 0 across all bins. It is recommended to use the Initial Product Bin Adjustment only if you are confident that the counted inventory accurately represents the complete inventory in your warehouse bins. Contact your onboarding representative or Sellercloud Support for assistance.

Basic Product Bin Adjustment

Any bin quantity updates following the Initial Product Bin Adjustment should use the Basic Product Bin Adjustment type.

Enter a simple positive or negative value in the bin quantity field to adjust the amount. For example, if you have 5 items in the bin and want to reduce it to 3, you would enter -2 as the adjustment.

Bin Adjustment Import

To adjust Bin Quantities using a file import through the Skustack Admin portal:

  1. Navigate to Bins > Import Warehouse Bin Info.
  2. Click the Download icon to get a template file. Choose the preferred format for the template: Excel, CSV, or TAB Delimited. Populate the file columns with the relevant data.If the Lot Number workflow is enabled for your company and the product/s are set as expirable, you must include a Lot Number and Expiry Date.
  3. Return to the grid and upload the file.
  4. Select the Adjustment Type you want to perform and click Import.

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