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Skustack’s Warehouses feature provides a comprehensive visualization of your bins, regions, and various movements occurring within your warehouse locations. Track items as they are being moved, identify hotspot areas with higher levels of activity, and make informed decisions on item placement to maximize your storage capacity.


To see a list of your warehouses:

  1. Navigate to the Skustack Lens portal at
  2. Enter your team name and login credentials.
  3. Select Warehouses. All of your warehouse locations will load. The grid is split into two columns – Sellable and Non-Sellable. Bin-enabled warehouses are visually represented by a unique purple color icon, while non-bin-enabled warehouses have a distinct gray shade.
  4. Select a warehouse in the grid. Movements that occurred within the last 10 minutes are displayed underneath the warehouse name.
  5. Choose your desired region. A flashing red dot next to the region name indicates recent activity.
  6. All bins in the specified region will load. Easily identify empty bins, primary bins with low inventory, and more, all at a glance.
    The color shading of each bin depends on how the bin capacity is utilized. Click on the Legend tab for more information about each color indicator.
  7. Select a bin to view all products and movements that occurred within that bin. Use the toggle in the grid to switch between Products and Movements.
    The movements preview is currently only available for bin-enabled warehouses.

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