Picklist Order Labels


Picklist Orders Labels verify that an order has been picked.

There are 2 types of picklist order labels:

  • Label One – contains OrderID, OrderSourceID, TotalQtyPicked, TotalQtyRequired, ShipCarrier
  • Label Two – contains OrderID, OrderSourceID, ProductID, TotalQtyPicked, TotalQtyRequired, ShipCarrier

The main difference between Label One and Label Two is that Label Two prints out the SKU while Label One doesn’t.

Picklist Label Types

The Label Type is selected in the printer settings.

To set up your Picklist label type go to Settings > Printer > Choose PickList Label Type.

Label One

Label One is printed when orders are fully picked based on the setting Auto print fully picked orders and is typically used for Order Based picking.

Let’s say Order#123 has two products, AB for five units and DE for ten units. Once AB is fully picked 5/5 and DE is fully picked 10/10, bringing the TotalQtyPicked = 15, then a label should print. You can also force print from the top action bar button.

Label Two

Label Two prints out every single pick, one label for each unit picked based on the setting Auto print for every unit picked and is typically used for Product Based picking.

Let’s say Order#123 has two products, AB for five units and DE for ten units. When you pick five units of AB, five labels should print off for AB. It will print 1/15, 2/15, 3/15, 4/15 and 5/15. When you pick ten of DE, ten more labels should print out, saying 6/15, 7/15, 8/15 … 15.15.

Prior to printing, ensure that your printer settings are configured to the correct printer.

The picklist labels can be printed automatically or manually.


  1. Navigate to Menu > Settings > Warehouse Management > PickList.
  2. Based on your label type, enable one of the following settings:
    1. Auto print fully picked orders to print Label One automatically.
    2. Auto print for every unit picked to print Label Two automatically.


  1. After the picking process is complete, tap the Print icon.
  2. In the Product Based Picking module after pressing the Printer icon select in the dropdown to search Product ID or Print Order ID:
    1. If you search by Product ID, scan/enter the product’s SKU, select order ID, and press Print.
    2. If you search Order ID, scan/enter the Order number and tap Print.

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