Picklist Tab Overview


The PickList tab helps you seamlessly manage the item-picking process for your orders. As an item is picked from its designated bin, it is automatically transferred to the warehouse picking bin. The system generates a unique picking bin for each warehouse. For example, Default Warehouse with ID 86 will have a picking bin named PickingBin Warehouse-86.

Access the PickList Tab Modules

The PickList tab has 6 sub-modules:

Ideally, orders should be sorted with filtered Saved searches by their item status (i.e. single-item, multi-item, kit) before your PickLists are generated. This means you should filter single-item orders and non-kits first, and then generate a PickList for these products. After that, do the same for multi-item and kits-only orders. The PickLists will then be able to be picked in full based on the selected options. Keep in mind that products will only be available for picking only if the order is paid and in process.

PickLists must be generated by warehouse. This is controlled by the Enable Picklist Generation by Warehouse client setting in the Skustack Admin.
Learn more about the different methods for picking inventory to fulfill orders here.

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