Pickup Management Workflow


Pickup management refers to the process of organizing, coordinating, and overseeing the pickup of items or goods from your warehouse location. It involves managing the tasks related to pickups, and ensuring that all packages are handed over to their designated carrier. Using a container is one of the most common methods to track pickups in logistics and supply chain operations.

Create a Container

Containers can be created within the Skustack Admin portal or from the Skustack app.

From the Admin

  1. Go to Orders > Ship Verify Pickup Containers.
  2. Click on the green + icon to add a new container.
  3. Enter the container name and select the shipping carrier.
  4. Click Create. The container will be added to the list.

From the App

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab > Manage Pickup Containers.
  2. Tap the + icon.
  3. Enter the container’s name and shipping carrier.
  4. Tap Create.
  5. You will be directed to the container details page. To add a package to the container directly, tap the + icon to open the Container Ship Verify dialog and scan the tracking number.

The Skustack Admin portal lets you print QR codes either individually or in bulk. The Container QR code is used when verifying your orders within the Ship Verify Containers module.

  1. To print a QR code individually:
    1. Navigate to Orders > Ship Verify Pickup Containers and open a container.
    2. Access the Actions menu and click Print QR codes.

    Alternatively, you can print a container’s QR code from the Skustack application by clicking the label icon on the container details dialog (Show me where!).

  2. To print QR codes in bulk:
    1. Navigate to Orders > Ship Verify Pickup Containers and select your desired containers from the grid.
    2. Access the Actions menu and click Print QR codes.

Ship Verify Containers

Scan a package’s tracking number within the Skustack app to view the related shipping carrier and verify that your package is shipped with the correct carrier by scanning the container’s QR code.

  1. Navigate to the Orders tab > Ship Verify.
  2. Tap the Search icon.
  3. Select Container Ship Verify from the dropdown menu.
  4. Scan or enter the tracking number for the package.
  5. A dialog will pop up, prompting you to scan the QR code of a container associated with the shipping carrier.
  6. Scan the container’s QR code.
  7. When the correct container’s QR code is scanned, the package’s Container Ship Verify Status will be updated.
The container scanned must match the shipping carrier required for the package.

Mark as Picked Up

You can easily manage your containers from the  Skustack Admin portal. Close and mark them as picked up as they are being handed over to the carrier.

  1. Filter by Container IDShipping Carrier, Created OnCreated By, or Status.
  2. Open the container to see the container’s details and all orders associated with it.
  3. Access the Actions menu to Mark As Picked Up or Close the container.

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