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Bin barcodes, also referred to as location labels, help improve the accuracy and speed of your inventory management operations. Bin barcodes can be printed from either your handheld Skustack device or the Skustack Admin and are used to scan bins when adding products and quantities to them. Each label includes the Bin Name and a barcode. Prior to printing labels from your handheld device, make sure your Printer Settings have been configured to the correct printer.  It’s important to note that the Skustack application only allows printing of one label at a time, while the Skustack Admin portal allows you to print multiple labels simultaneously.

To print bin barcodes from the Skustack App:

  1. Navigate to the Manage Bins module.
  2. Search for your desired bin or create a new one. The bin will load.
  3. Tap the Printer icon to initiate the printing process for a bin barcode label.
  4. A print request will be sent to your printer and a label will be generated.

To print bin barcodes from the Skustack Admin:

  1. Navigate to Bins > Manage Warehouse Bins > Search to see all bins or filter by a specific Warehouse and Region.
  2. Select your desired bins.
  3. Click Action Menu > Print Barcodes.
  4. Choose one of the available layouts: Using Bin Name or Per Bin. This action will generate a queued job.
  5. Once the job is complete, click Download output file to generate a PDF document with the location labels.

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