FBA 2D Barcodes


FBA 2D barcodes are used to ensure that products are accurately tracked and inventoried within Amazon’s fulfillment centers, making it easier for sellers to manage their inventory and for Amazon to ensure that the correct product is shipped to the customer. You can easily print FBA 2D Barcodes directly from Skustack. Prior to printing labels, ensure that your Printer Settings have been configured to the correct printer.

Learn more about FBA 2D Barcodes here.

To print an FBA 2D Barcode:

  1. Navigate to the FBAInbound  PickList or FBAInbound BoxContent module.
  2. Select your desired box.
  3. Tap the Printer icon.
  4. Select Amazon 2D Barcode from the dropdown list.
  5. Tap the Print Button.

Skustack printers are generally smaller and there may be certain printing restrictions due to label size constraints. This may occur when:

  • There are more than three products in the box, or
  • All three products require expiration dates.

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