Product Based Module


The Product Based module is located within Skustack’s PickList tab.

Product-based picking lets you easily pick all units on a PickList and is an effective workflow for single-item orders. Learn more about the different picking methods here.

There are three modes for searching products:

  • Search by ID – Search for a specific PickList by its unique ID.
  • Search By Name – Search for a specific PickList by its name.
  • Search All – Search for all PickLists and filter by a specific product.
Products will only be available for picking when the orders are both In Process and Charged.

Search By PickList ID

  1. Select Search By ID from the Mode dropdown.
  2. Scan or enter the needed PickList ID and tap Go.
  3. All products and pick quantities in that PickList will load. Swipe down to see the number of picked units and the number of total units in the PickList.
  4. Swipe left on an item to reveal shortcuts to other actions:
    1. Bins – Displays all bins in which this item’s units are stored.
    2. Info – Directs you to the Product info module.
    3. Product Flag – Tap on this shortcut to add a Product Flag.
  5. To filter products by different parameters, tap the Filter icon at the top right. From there, you can filter by inventory availability, single or multi-item orders, rush or picked status, flagged products, region, and more.
  6. Scan a Product ID/UPC barcode, or select a product manually. The product pick dialog will open.
  7. Enter the bin from which you are picking or select the suggested bin. The suggested bin may appear next to the Bin field. This suggestion is based on the following factors:
    1. The bin is sellable.
    2. The bin type is Normal or Temp.
    3. Primary bins will always be suggested first.
    4. The bin with the most or least quantity will be suggested based on the client setting PickList Bin suggestion sort qty by ASC Order.
  8. Scan units to add to the picked qty or adjust the number manually. To auto-populate the total quantity available for the scanned product in that bin, enable Skustack’s Warehouse Management setting Auto populate progress quantity when bin is selected.
  9. To switch between positive and negative movements for serialized products, tap on the green Arrow icon. Note that the arrow indicator must be red in order to unpick products with serial numbers.
  10. Tap on the three dots menu in the upper right-hand corner to:
    1. Flag – Use this option to Flag the item and indicate specific concerns.
    2. Reset Dialog – Use this option to remove selected data from the picking dialog.
    3. Print Labels – This option allows you to print a custom number of product labels with the product’s Barcode. Use the up and down arrows, or simply add the required number of labels. Check the Include Product Name box, to include the product name in the labels. Once done, tap Print.
  11. If the Lot Number workflow is enabled for your company and the product is set as expirable, you must select a Lot Number before being able to pick it.
  12. Tap Pick to update the picked quantity. The quantity picked will be transferred to the Picking Bin and the PickList will be updated.
  13. Once all items are picked, tap the Printer icon to print a Picklist label or configure your Skustack settings to auto-print labels for every unit picked.
To print product labels as QR codes, enable Setting Print labels as QR codes.

Search By Name

  1. Select Search By Name from the search mode dropdown.
  2. Enter the needed PickList Name and tap Go.
  3. Follow steps 3-12 from the Search By PickList ID section.

Search All

  1. Select Search All from the search mode dropdown.
  2. Scan/enter a product or tap Go to load all open picklists.
  3. To filter the PickLists, tap the Filter icon at the top right and select from the available filters.
  4. Tap a PickList to open it.
  5. Follow steps 3-12 from the Search By PickList ID section.

Validate serial globally Client Setting. Enables serial number validation in Skustack. Learn more about serial number validation and relevant client settings here.
Require serial scan when picking Skustack’s Warehouse Management setting. When enabled, will force the user to scan serials for products that are set to require serial scan.
Auto print fully picked orders This setting prints a single confirmation label when an order is fully picked. It should be used if your normal method of picking is order-based. Configure the printer setting to use Picklist Label One.
Auto print for every unit picked Prints a separate confirmation label for every unit picked. This setting should be used if your normal method of picking is product-based. Configure the printer setting to use Picklist Label Two.
Allow partial picked label print Allows printing of confirmation labels even when not fully picked.
Auto close after fully picked Closes the dialog window when fully picked.
Auto Pick when QtyToPick is full When Qty Picked = Qty Required the product will be picked automatically without having to press the Pick button.
Display Product Name when picking Shows the product name in the pick dialog.
Slide to pick When enabled, you can slide the progress bar in the pick window to increase the quantity.
Allow unpick When enabled, the unpicking option within the Product picking dialog will be available.
PickList Bin suggestion sort qty by ASC Order Client Setting. Once enabled, the suggested picking bin will be the one with the lowest product quantity.
Print labels as QR codes Enable this setting so your product labels contain a QR code, instead of a barcode.
Auto populate progress quantity when bin is selected Skustack’s Warehouse Management setting. When a bin is selected, the Pick Qty field will automatically be set to the total quantity available in that bin, up to the quantity required.


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