Product Bins


The product bins page in Skustack allow you to easily access and view all bins associated with a particular product. A bin becomes associated when the product is initially added to it. By default, it retains the association even if the product’s inventory in the bin is zero. You can configure your Skustack settings to hide products with zero quantity.

Product Bins Module

The Product Bins module is located within Skustack’s Bin tab.

Search Product Bins

To search for an SKU in the Product Bins module:

  1. Tap the Search icon.
  2. Scan or enter an SKU.
  3. All associated bins will be displayed.
  4. To add quantities to a new bin, swipe the header down and click on the + icon.
  5. To adjust the product in one of the existing bins, tap on the bin and an adjust dialog will open.
  6. Swipe left on a bin to reveal shortcuts to other actions:
    • Bins – View all products in this bin
    • Transfer – Transfer inventory
    • Moves – View inventory movements

Product Warehouse Bins

Within the Skustack Admin portal, you can seamlessly filter bins by a specific product or warehouse, assess the quantities, and make adjustments if necessary.

Search Product Bins

To search Product Warehouse Bins, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Skustack Admin portal at (replace “xx” with your server ID or team name).
  2. Enter your login credentials.
  3. On the left, select Bins > Product Warehouse Bins.
  4. Configure your Default filters to make sure that the results display exactly what you need.
  5. Click Search. Each filter you apply gets highlighted. If a filter is gray or not displayed at all, it’s not active.
  6. To manage the columns in the grid, click the three dots icon on the top right and select Customize Columns. You can:
    1. Reorder columns by dragging them up or down in the list;
    2. Hide columns by clicking the Trash icons;
    3. Add columns by clicking Add column.
  7. To arrange the data in a different order, use the Sort by menu.
  8. To save your filtering and sorting options, click Save view, enter a Name, and click Save.
  9. Select your desired bins from the grid and access the Actions menu to Export To Excel, or click on a product to be directed to the product’s warehouse bins page.

Manage Product Bins

  1. Open your desired product.
  2. Click Toolbox, and select Warehouse Bins.
  3. Narrow down the bins list by utilizing the Warehouse, Warehouse Type, Updated by, and Bin Name filters at the top of the panel.
  4. Click on one of the options in the right-hand corner next to each bin to either Adjust Inventory, Transfer Inventory, or View Movements for this product in that bin.
  5. Click the + icon to add quantities to a new bin, or the three dots icon to Export Warehouse Bins and View All Movements for this product in all bins.

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