Receiving Tab Overview


Efficiently receiving inventory is essential for any warehouse operation. Whether you are receiving units from a purchase order or shipping container, processing returns, or utilizing the Receive to Light workflow, Skustack’s Receiving tab enables you to handle incoming products with ease. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the different methods available to help you ensure a smooth flow of goods into your warehouse.

Receiving Tab Modules

The Receiving tab has 4 sub-modules:

  • Receive PO – Recommended for receiving products from Purchase Orders.
  • Receive Container – Recommended for receiving products from different Purchase Orders in one shipment (container).
  • Receive RMA – Recommended for managing and tracking returned items.
  • Receive to Light –  Recommended for handling backorders, this module combines the Cross-Dock and Pick-To-Light workflows. It allows you to receive items from a vendor and immediately sort them onto a Skublox wall with little or no time spent in storage.
Learn more about the different Receiving settings here.

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