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Reversing the receipt of products from a Purchase Order could be necessary for several reasons, including incorrect quantities, damaged goods, or mistakenly received items. This unreceiving process involves correcting the quantity of the received items through your Skustack device.

Unreceive Products

To unreceive products from a Purchase Order:

  1. Navigate to Receiving and tap Receive PO.
  2. Open the desired purchase order. Swipe down to see the number of received units and the number of total units in this purchase order. You can also filter items within the PO by their received status. Simply tap the Filter icon and choose your filters.
  3. Tap or scan the received product. A new dialog showing the received quantity will pop up.
  4. Use the down arrow to unreceive the required quantity or adjust the number manually.
    To unreceive serialized products, tap the Green arrow icon and scan the desired units. Note that the arrow indicator must be red in order to unreceive products with serial numbers.
  5. Select the bin from which units should be subtracted. Ensure that the selected bin matches the one where the items were originally received.
  6. Tap Receive. The product’s quantity will be updated immediately in the system.

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