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Skustack’s Workforce feature provides valuable insights into your employees’ work schedules. Here you can find a calendar with information about daily movements, including the start and end times of your team’s activities.

This feature is exclusively available for Skustack Lens Pro users. Activate your 60-day free trial today to explore related functionalities. After the trial period is over, the subscription fee starts at $100 per month for the first 20 users. Additional users could be added for $5/month per Skustack user.

Workforce Management

To view your Workforce records:

  1. Navigate to the Skustack Lens portal at
  2. Enter your team name and login credentials.
  3. Select Workforce.
  4. By default, the date filter is set to Today, however, you have the option to navigate to previous days by using the arrow icons, or by selecting a specific date on the side calendar. To return to the present day, simply click on Today.
  5. The Calendar on the left side displays Activity Dots, that indicate the day’s movements. Higher contrast dots mean there were more movements on that date. Hover over a date to view the number of movements for that day.
  6. (Optional) Filter by your desired warehouse.
  7. Select your employee list sorting options based on your preference – Alphabetical or Duration.
  8. The Time table tab has two distinct modes you can choose from. Select the mode that best suits your workflow:
    • Day View – The timetable is presented in a traditional calendar layout.
    • Chart – The timetable is presented in a chart layout, allowing you to easily compare employee activity.
  9. Click on an employee for even greater details into their individual activity.
  10. Activities that can be tracked on this page include Movements, Units Picked, the employee’s working time, and duration. The Movements activity type is selected by default. Use the dropdown in the panel to switch the graphic visuals between Movements and Units Picked.
  11. Below the graph, you can find a list that displays the movements of the employee in a detailed breakdown. Click on the View Movements button to navigate to the Lens Movements tab.

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