Unit of Measure Settings


Skustack’s Unit of Measure setting allows you to choose between Imperial (inches, pounds, etc.) and Metric (centimeters, kilograms, etc.) units. The option ensures that all relevant data displayed on your device, including dimensions, weight, and volumes are converted comprehensively according to the selected measurement system. As a result, you can easily accommodate the measurement preferences of different personnel and regions, and effortlessly maintain consistency and accuracy across all Skustack devices and your Admin portal.

Change Unit of Measure

To configure your device’s units of measurement:

  1. Navigate to the Main Settings menu and locate Settings.
  2. Tap Warehouse Management.
  3. Scroll down to the Unit of Measure setting and select the mode you are most familiar with – Imperial or Metric.
  4. Once set, tap the back arrow to save your preference. All weights, dimensions and volumes will be displayed in Skustack accordingly.

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