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Skustack is a warehouse management mobile application developed by Sellercloud, that helps you accurately track inventory and its location within your warehouse. Skustack operates on handheld devices running Android OS. By using a handheld device, pickers can easily scan and pick products from bins, which are then logged and tracked in both Skustack and Sellercloud in real-time. Download Skustack at the Google Play Store.

To access the Skustack application, you must have the Is SKUStack User setting enabled on the Employee Details page for your account.

Skustack is not included in your Sellercloud subscription by default and additional costs may be involved. For more information on pricing, please visit this page here or contact the Sellercloud sales team:

Skustack Tabs

Skustack has various modules for warehouse management functions:

  • Product – Manage product inventory, as well as create and update product information such as attributes, dimensions, relationships, and more.
  • Bin – Create bins, view inventory in bins, transfer inventory in bins, and view movements. The warehouse you have selected must be bin-enabled to view this tab.
  • Picklist – Pick inventory for orders, view picklists and monitor Vendor Central shipments, access the Pick-to-Light module, and more.
  • Order – View order details, payments, shipments, or picking status.
  • Fulfillment – Pick inventory for FBA or WFS Shipments.
  • Receiving – Receive inventory from purchase orders and RMA’s.
  • Transfers – Put away received inventory or transfer it to another location.
  • Work Orders – Search work orders for kits that need picking and assembly.

Some actions can be performed in multiple modules. For example, inventory adjustments can be made in both the “Product” and “Bin” modules.

Skustack Bin Management

Skustack can be used for inventory management even if the warehouse is not strictly managed by bins. The only difference will be that instead of transferring inventory to and from bins, you will be transferring it to and from warehouses.

Simply set the Skustack warehouse to a non-bin managed warehouse.

Note that if a warehouse is not bin-enabled, the bin icon will not be visible in the app.

Learn more about the initial Skustack configuration and how to manage inventory strictly per bin here.

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