Say goodbye to costly mistakes and accelerate your order fulfillment

Ensure packages are allocated to the correct containers and shipped without errors. 

Avoid shipping mistakes

Skustack’s Ship Verify feature ensures all your packages are shipped safely with the proper shipping carrier. Simply scan the package’s tracking number to view the related shipping carrier and confirm that the order is ready to leave the warehouse, preventing any duplicate shipments. Scan the container’s QR code to ensure the package is placed in the correct carrier container,  ensuring proper sorting and delivery to the right distribution center.

Track containers and packages

You’ll never have to worry about misplacing a package in the wrong container or with the wrong shipping carrier ever again.

Create new containers and assign them a specific courier.
View packages already allocated
to containers.
Scan a package’s tracking number, and the system will verify if it’s added to the correct container.

Manage containers with Skustack Admin

With Skustack Admin, you can efficiently allocate packages to the correct containers, ensuring that each shipment is properly organized. You can also track the shipping status of your containers in real-time, giving you complete visibility into your inventory movements.

How to manage containers

Track all packages with Ship Verify

Eliminate shipping mistakes and ship faster

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