Logistics management for FBA

The ultimate solution for managing FBA

Prepare labels for your Amazon FBA items and manage inventory removal orders from FBA

Pick FBA shipments

Generate a picklist, scan the products, and choose a bin and quantity for fulfillment.

Apply custom filters to shipments

Organize shipments based on inventory availability, order type, shipping destination, and other factors for more efficient fulfillment.

Manage your shipping boxes

Effortlessly manage the contents of each box and assign products to their respective boxes with zero errors.

Speed up fulfillment with FBA Prep

Scan the item's UPC, print the Amazon barcode that goes on top of the original barcode, and enjoy a seamless and efficient shipping.

Seamlessly receive FBA Removals back into inventory

Bring inventory back to your warehouse at any time and ensure an efficient receiving process upon arrival.

Step up your FBA game

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