Order Picking

Simple picking for greater efficiency

Open a picklist, locate the products you need, and assemble your order

Automatically generate picklists

Create picklists for Amazon FBA and all your other channels.

Eliminate picking mistakes

Quickly and accurately identify the items and quantities to pick with zero mistakes.

Optimize picklists based on your needs

Optimize your picklists in multiple ways to meet your unique business needs.

Improve fulfillment time

Allow multiple users to simultaneously pick all open orders, increasing your team’s efficiency.

Pick the right items for your orders

Seamlessly transfer items from storage bins to picking bins and ultimately out of the warehouse upon shipment.

Apply custom filters to picklists

Filter picklists by region to easily classify picklists based on the products present in the bins of a particular region within your warehouse.

Pick non-packaged bundles

Find out which kit to pick, its total quantity, included components, and the number of components already picked.

Minimize picking mistakes and get orders out the door faster

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