Product Tracking

Track an item’s serial and lot number as it moves in or out of the warehouse

Keep track of serialized items across multiple locations, monitor warranty information, and avoid bogus returns

Add serial numbers to your items

Scan each item with your smart device to capture the serial number of each item during receiving, packing, and shipping.

Just scan the serial number with your smart device, and the unique digital sequence will be automatically uploaded into Skustack.

Track products down to their precise location

Identify the exact location of a product whether it’s in your warehouse or in transit.

This can be useful if you need to locate a product quickly or track expensive stock.

Combat fraudulent returns

Protect your business from fraudulent returns and navigate scenarios like recalls or regular customer returns.

Skustack’s serial number tracking allows you to trace the history of each item, making it easy to verify the authenticity of any returns, especially valuable items like jewelry or electronics.

Avoid duplicate serial numbers

Make sure your serial numbers are unique and accurately tracked at all times.

With Skusack, you can quickly check if a particular serial number has already been assigned to another product to avoid any duplicates.  

Lot Numbers and Expiration Tracking

Ensure that no expired products reach your customers

Lot numbers and expiration dates are logged and tracked throughout the product life cycle.

Receiving a PO, receiving a warehouse transfer, or any positive adjustment will all be accounted for in the system.

Mark perishable items and prevent dead stock accumulation

Flag every item that requires a lot number and expiration date.

This enables traceability at a granular level during any point of your fulfillment process. You can speedily recall items if the necessity arises, as well as prevent dead stock accumulation.

Track the serial numbers of expensive items

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