Manage RMAs

Stay on top of every return

Quickly process returns and receive them back into inventory

Receive returns back into inventory

Return items directly into their bins or put them into a receiving bin and then move them to their proper bins later.

Return items to their proper location

Determine the ideal storage location for each item using Skustack's PutAway list with suggested locations.

Transfer returned items to new SKUs

Simply scan the item, generate a new SKU, and assign the returned product to that SKU.

Transfer returned items to existing SKUs

Effortlessly move inventory between two product SKUs with just a few clicks.

Transfer items from bin to bin and from SKU to SKU simultaneously

Effortlessly allocate items from non-sellable bins to sellable ones to ensure their prompt availability for distribution, all in a matter of seconds.

Don’t let your returns turn into dead stock

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