Success Stories

Hundreds of e-commerce merchants trust Skustack with their daily warehouse operations — from tracking inventory to picking FBA shipments and receiving RMAs.
Nechemia Newman
CEO, AMN Distribution

“All of our warehouse management is done through Skustack. When it comes to putaways, picks, packs, Skustack does a great job in just routing in the most efficient way, and we’re able to separate the picklist based on different criteria.”

Chanoch Sussman
COO, AVX Returns

“Skustack is the warehouse workflow that helps with the efficiency and accuracy of your inventory. When the orders come in, they get automatically assigned to a pick list. They all get picked into a picking bin through Skustack, and all that’s picked is routed properly through the warehouse.”

Ezra Avidan
Founder, ADIR Group

“We’re not really working in the warehouse as much as we were before Skustack came into our business. It helped us be more efficient, save money and get things out much quicker. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to optimize their business.”

Yossi Kbabieh
Founder, S3 Holding

“The picking is just so easy. You can see live who picked it, how many pieces you have left, the aggregate quantity. It’s really simplified.”

Founder, ER2 / Revive IT

“With Skustack everything is made easier. I don’t need to have a computer in front of me when I want to audit my inventory or check a bin quantity. I just scan that bin and Skustack says – this is how much should be in here.”

Director of Marketing, Merlin Trading

“Since we switched to Skustack we’ve pretty much gone up and up. We’ve gone from a 10 000 ft2 warehouse space to 20,000 ft2 space in a matter of a year and a half. It wouldn’t have been possible to do all that we’ve done in the same amount of time without them.”

Warehouse Manager, USA Supply Source

“Skustack helps us streamline our day to day operations by keeping our inventory accurate. It helps us receive purchase orders quickly and efficiently from our vendors.”

Vice President, 17th Street Photo

“With Skustack we are able to ship more in a timely fashion and update products in the store quicker.”

President, Margolin Shoes and Apparel

“We are selling on multiple marketplaces. To have a software handle inventory on all of them is just unbelievable.”

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