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Monitor warehouse activity with powerful visualization and real time tracking.

Easily track inventory movement, employee performance and warehouse activity in real time - whether you are onsite or on the go.

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Skustack Lens

Stay on top of your game

Gain full transparency over all of your warehouse movements

Warehouse operations

Oversee warehouse operations

Track inventory quantity, visualize regions and bins and note when stock is received or returned by customers.

Monitor employee activity

Monitor employee activity

Drill down on individual performance and supervise the activity of your employees for better traceability in case of an error.

A window into your warehouse

Powerful visualization of your warehouse workflows and activity

Plan your space

Visualize regions & bins

Visualize your warehouse as things are picked and moved around across regions and bins. Know where everything is located at all times.

Visualize Free Space

Identify free space

See empty space at a glance so you can plan where to place all incoming items in the warehouse.

Locate Sku

Locate SKUs

Quickly find where an SKU is located in the warehouse. Browse bin contents and movements.

Work from anywhere

No need to be on location at all times. Use the Skustack lens from the comfort of the back office and stay on top of things when you are on the go.

Manage all your warehouses

Track inventory movement across your various warehouses and get a detailed view of your sellable and non-sellable warehouses.

Skustack Lens Manage Feature
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Get real-time updates

Oversee which regions are actively being worked on and view the most recent activity in the warehouse. Monitor inventory as the number of units changes in real time.

Know exactly what you have and where you have it

Make the whole process faster and more efficient. Shorten the path for your picking team so they don’t have to aimlessly search for all the items on their picklist.

Skustack Lens Efficiency Feature
Skustack Lens Tracking Feature

Track employee activity across warehouses

Gain full traceability over your warehouse operations. Search all activity by employee or by product in real-time and find out who had contact with a specific item, if an issue arises.

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