Monitor warehouse activity with powerful visualization and real time tracking.

Easily track inventory movement, employee performance and warehouse activity in real time – whether you are onsite or on the go.

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Warehouse visualization

Unparalleled visibility into your warehouse

Ensure organized workflows and workspace, and save time.

Locate inventory to its precise location

Instantly find any item within your warehouse.

Utilize every inch of storage space

Enhance space planning and utilization.

Full visibility and traceability into every movement

Maintain complete control and visibility over your inventory.

Business intelligence to provide key insights

Predict demand and allocate resources wisely.

Real-time updates on warehouse activity

Ensure an immediate reaction to logistical changes.

Bird's eye view with real time updates

Use strategic insights into operational flow and space utilization.

Optimized picking routes for optimal efficiency

Identify the most efficient picking routes and reduce time.

Prepare for incoming shipments with 'empty bins report'

Ensure that available storage space is efficiently allocated.

Workforce management

Gain traceability of each movement in each warehouse

Ensure that every step of the fulfillment process is executed optimally.

Real-time employee activity tracker

Ensure that the workforce is evenly distributed across necessary activities.

Track working hours

Gain valuable insights into time management and employee efficiency.

Gain valuable insights into time management and employee efficiency.

Minimize errors and enhance operational performance.

Distinguish top performers

Reward efficiency, accuracy, and diligence.

Track every movement of every employee

Ensure tasks are carried out with precision.

Live view of picklist progress

Make informed decisions on the fly, ensuring that deadlines are met efficiently.

Sort activity type by employee

Assign tasks based on individual strengths and performance history.

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Manage your warehouse with precision and ease

Get an in-depth look into your warehouse movements and employee activity

Customize your viewing experience

Toggle between light and dark modes

A window into your warehouse

Track your warehouse picking progress and picklist status to fulfill customer orders on time. Quickly address any potential delays to ensure prompt delivery to customers.

Kiosk mode

Monitor the real-time picking progress of all picklists with our panoramic view.

Details mode

View a detailed list of all the products and orders included in each picklist.

Warehouse mapping
for a fast, efficient workflow

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