Order Picking

Streamlined picking
for greater efficiency

Open a picklist, locate the products you need, and assemble your order.  

generate picklists

Create picklists for Amazon FBA and all your other channels. Quickly and easily identify which items must be picked and in what quantities. Sort picklists by product, order, or kit to save time and effort.

picking mistakes

Picking errors can be costly, leading to increased shipping costs and unhappy customers.
Skustack’s picklists ensure that all items are accounted for, making it easy to identify the right items quickly with zero mistakes.

fulfillment time

Speed is key in order fulfillment. Skustack makes it easier for your team by allowing multiple users to pick all open orders simultaneously. This means picking more items in less time. With faster order fulfillment, you can increase your output and grow your business more efficiently.

Picking FBA Shipments

Picking Orders

Minimize picking mistakes and get orders out the door faster.

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