FBA management

Efficient picking, prepping, labeling, and receiving for FBA shipments

Pick FBA inbound shipments

  • Build FBA inbound shipments in Sellercloud or import them in Skustack
  • Generate efficient picking plans for inbound shipments
  • Move products to the designated prepping area
  • Start prepping your FBA Inbound Shipments

Prepare products for FBA shipments

  • Scan products to access prepping instructions via mobile app
  • Prepare products for labeling
  • Generate and print FNSKU labels using your scanner
  • Start packing your fully prepped products

Manage and print box content labels

  • Scan products into boxes
  • Edit box content details via mobile app
  • Print box content labels right from the mobile app
  • Label your boxes and book your pickup with Amazon

Receive FBA Removals

  • Receive FBA removals into a receiving bin
  • Seperate good products from products needing to be graded and repair
  • Reprep removals for new FBA inbound shipments
  • Generate put-away lists to restock bins with newly received inventory

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