Inventory management

Track inventory

Keep accurate track of your inventory levels and view product locations

Know the exact location of all your items

Avoid stockouts or overselling with real-time channel inventory updates

Receive inventory on the go

Cycle Counting

Scan bins and systematically audit your inventory to determine count discrepancies and maintain accuracy. Bin inventory can be automatically adjusted based on scanned counts.

Track products as they move

Track inventory as it moves in and out of your warehouses. Every product movement is tracked and visible.

Transfers between warehouses

Update inventory records to reflect the movement of goods from one warehouse to another.


Transfer inventory from one SKU to another, adjust quantities, and track stock levels to monitor the movement of goods in your warehouse.

Bin to Bin

Optimize your warehouse operations by moving inventory or goods from one storage bin to another.

One Way Transfer

Seamlessly transfer inventory from one location to another without returning the goods to the original location.

Warehouse Regions

Utilize warehouses, regions, and bins for more precise and granular inventory tracking.

Filter by Region

Conveniently organize picklists based on products located in bins within a specific region.

Assign different employees to different sections of the warehouse and pick faster.

Divide picklists by products whose inventory is in bins within a specified region.

Scan items with your phone

Ditch the expensive scanner gear and pick items around the warehouse using a simple Android phone camera instead.

Get crystal-clear visibility into your inventory

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