Inventory management

Real time tracking of inventory quantities and locations

Bin cycle counts

  • Track in-and-out bin movements
  • Generate bin cycle count reports based on bin traffic
  • Make inventory adjustments on the bin level
  • Maintain accurate inventory without putting your business on hold


  • Set low stock limits for bins
  • Generate bin restocking lists
  • Move inventory from overstock bins to picking bins
  • Keep primary bins stocked to ensure picking efficiency

Manage regions and bins

  • Build and assign products to bin locations
  • Track inventory and make adjustments on a bin level
  • Create regions to consolidate bin locations
  • Manage regions and bins
  • Perform bin cycle counts and manage replenishment

Serial number tracking

  • Scan, save, and track serial numbers on a bin level
  • Transfer serial numbers between SKUs during grading and repairing
  • View the full warehouse lifecycle history of a serial number
  • Protect against fraud with serial verification on RMAs

Lot expiration tracking

  • Create lot numbers and labels for perishable products
  • Track lot numbers for products on a bin level
  • View and manage product lot numbers in a consolidated report
  • Create inventory pulls to dispose of expired goods

Get crystal-clear visibility into your inventory

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