Lot Numbers and Expiration Tracking

Ensure that no expired products reach your customers.

Skustack lets you sort products by date so you can make sure that there are no expired products reaching your customers. You have a complete view of your items as they move through the supply chain.

When receiving perishable inventory into your warehouse, lot numbers and expiration dates are logged and tracked throughout the product life cycle. Receiving a PO, receiving a warehouse transfer, or any positive adjustment can all be accounted for in the system.

To keep everything in check, anytime inventory goes out Skustack lets you select an existing lot number that is already in the system to deduct inventory from.

When receiving an RMA or a warehouse inventory transfer you just need to select a lot number that was already shipped on that order or transfer.

Skustack also lets you flag every item that requires a lot number and expiration date. This enables traceability at a granular level during any point of your fulfillment process. You can speedily recall items if necessity arises, as well as prevent dead stock accumulation.