Know with absolute certainty that all your shipped orders have left the warehouse

ShipVerify is a safety measure that allows you to verify that all your orders are safely leaving the warehouse. This feature is key to ensuring that there are no unknown orders or labels exting the warehouse and reaching your customers.

How does it work?

With ShipVerify you make sure that an order is not just marked as shipped but that it actually left the warehouse. You can use ShipVerify to check that the tracking number on the label is valid.

There are 2 types of ShipVerify:


You scan the order number or tracking number and the order will be automatically marked as verified. This lets you check that the tracking number on the label matches the order on Sellercloud.


You scan the tracking number and open the products in the order. You’ll then need to scan all the products to make sure that the order has all the right items. This extra step lets you verify both the validity of the label tracking, as well as check that all the products are in the box.