Picking FBA Shipments

Simplify your FBA related workflow – from picking inventory and assembling kits to entering box content

Skustack is especially helpful for sellers using Amazon FBA. You can easily pick, assemble, and label all the items required for your FBA Inbound Shipments.

Generate an FBA Picklist

To ensure that the correct items are picked for your FBA inbound shipment, Skustack will generate a picklist with all the necessary items and their precise locations. Your team will waste no time aimlessly looking for all the items in your warehouse.

Picklists for FBA Inbound shipments can be easily divided by regions and bins so that different members of your team can pick orders at the same time.

Know the exact location of all your items

Track your inventory as it moves — from the moment you receive your inventory from the supplier to the time you ship it out to your customer, and even after you receive a return.