RMA Receiving

Process returns and receives them back into inventory

Skustack seamlessly streamlines your entire inventory management process. You and your team have control over every aspect of your warehouse operations — from receiving purchase orders to picking orders, preparing shipments to FBA, and even processing returns.

Keep track of returns

Skustack allows for receiving RMAs, as well as providing a PutAway list with suggested locations to which returned items can be received.

When products are sent back by a customer, they just need to be returned to their proper location in the warehouse.

To keep inventory accuracy when receiving returns, Skustack lets you return items directly into their bin(s), or put them into a receiving bin, then move them to their bins at a later time.

By receiving the correct quantity and indicating the corresponding bin through Skustack, picking the product at a later time, as well as counting inventory to verify, is made much simpler.