Serial Number Tracking

Keep track of serialized items across locations and prevent fraudulent returns

Skustack lets you precisely track serialized products throughout your operational workflow — from receiving to fulfillment and returns. While managing SKUs helps keep track of the quantity of a product, serial number tracking gives you granular control over the precise location of each individual item and the orders that they are associated with. Making sure you can trace the history of each item ensures your business can effectively navigate scenarios like recalls or regular customer returns.

Protect your business from fraudulent returns

You can seamlessly manage incoming stock by scanning your products’ serial numbers. You can capture each item’s serial number into the system as it arrives in your warehouse and during the packing and shipping process. Just scan the serial number with your smart device and the unique digital sequence will be automatically uploaded into Sellercloud.

With our serial tracking feature, your team can keep track of serialized items across multiple locations, accurately monitor warranty information, and avoid fraudulent product returns.