Warehouse Transfers

Track inventory as it moves in and out of your warehouses

Skustack is built to simplify the overwhelming task of maintaining an accurate count of your inventory in and out of your warehouses.

Our app lets you easily view your products even as they move between warehouses. Everything is available in real-time so you don’t need to worry about any missing inventory.

Transfer Inventory

In order to properly track where inventory is moved Skustack allows for the transfer of inventory throughout the warehouse. You can transfer inventory between warehouses, between SKUs, or perform a one-way transfer in or out of a warehouse. Skustack records all inventory movements and keeps your quantities accurate at all times.

There are several types of transfers that you can do within Skustack.

Warehouse to Warehouse

Used when a product is moving between different warehouses.

Bin to Bin

Used when a product is moving within the warehouse between different bins.

Sku to Sku

Used when you are removing inventory from one SKU, and adding it to another. Common with RMAs when a product becomes damaged or opened and needs to be sold under another SKU.

One Way Transfer

Used when you are adding or removing inventory from an SKU, either in or out of your warehouse. In this type of transfer, the location the inventory is coming from or going to isn’t noted.