PO Receiving

Receive new inventory into stock and immediately make it available for sale

Inventory management is all about efficiency. With Skustack you can increase the productivity of your whole operation — from receiving purchase orders to processing returns.

Receive items into bins

Skustack lets you receive purchase orders from your mobile device, by scanning the barcodes of the incoming products. As the PO is received, Sellercloud is updated in real-time with the PO receiving status and the physical inventory adjustments.

Use a Receiving bin

When receiving inventory through POs, items can also be placed in a receiving bin while they are counted or simply until someone is available to put them away. With a receiving bin the inventory will become available as soon as it’s received.

Once items are ready for transfer, a PutAway list can be generated and used to determine where each product should go.

Receive POs in bulk

Speed up your receiving process using Skustack’s bulk mode. With bulk mode, you don’t need to go into the Receiving dialog and enter the quantity and bin location for every product. Instead, you can select the bin once, scan everything, and receive all your items in bulk.